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Australia’s largest IndustryName Conference transforming the  industry.

ABOUT #event

The world’s entrepreneurial landscape is shifting, yet again.

People are more closely linked than any other time in history, sharing concerns about health, economic uncertainty and geopolitical disruption. Hopes of a return to consistent, predictable growth, and daily life as we knew it, will not be met any time soon… Read more


Transform Your World.

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#EVENT2023 Speakers

EVENT is a gathering of INDUSTRY champions from around the world, working together to build one global ecosystem of innovation and economic growth. ​

Be there if you want to: ​

  • Develop expertise​
  • Find and leverage opportunities​
  • Connect with like-minded, inspiring peers​
  • Discover new ideas​
  • Gain visibility​
  • Build new relationships​
  • Join your tribe


Plan your trip

Receive the most out of your trip to Australia by exploring the best things to do. From adventure, to relaxation, family and cultural experience, we’ve included links to the best itineraries to get you started.

The Venue

This years EVENTNAME event will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Explore Melbourne

The capital city of Victoria, home to more than 2,600 newly founded companies and a startup sector that rivals its tourism sector in size.

Explore Australia

Come and say G'day and explore the places to go across our 8 states and territories.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne Australia is the beating heart of APAC’s thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Book Accommodation

Preferential rates have been negotiated specifically for EVENTNAME at a number of hotels in conveniently located near the MCEC.

Visa & Travel Info

All travellers must have a valid visa before arriving in Australia. View information in relation to applying for a visa to attend.


Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2023 EVENTNAME is the premier event for the EVENTNAME Network. Bringing together more than 4,000 members of the industry including entrepreneurs, government / policymakers, investors, ecosystem leaders, researchers / academics, media outlets and reports, and corporate leaders who have an interest in building stronger local ecosystems and expanding their global reach.